Friday, December 30, 2011


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I know that it seems like a typical thing to do, reflecting on the year come it's end.  That and the lamentation of how quickly things passed.  Now that I'm in my 30s I feel so young still and so comfortable in my budding life.  I can't believe that my time in Texas is ticking down and that more and more friends are welcoming babies into their families.  Am I really that much of an adult?  As much as I deny my age, I'm totally an adult.  2012 marks the beginning of my husband's last year of residency.  Woah.  Nuts.  Instead of looking back, I'm going to look ahead.  I have so much to do to make this year amazing.  I'm not resolving, but setting some goals to make this next year great.  Are you looking ahead? To what?


Baur said...

I try to think of atleast one thing I did each month and sometimes its hard!

Mary said...

Last year of Tex-ass!!! woo hoo!!!

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