Wednesday, December 28, 2011


*Image & thermos via Kate Spade

My mother knows me so well.  I have two thermoses that I've been using to bring hot tea to work for the past couple of years.  One was beautifully striped, and I broke the mechanism that keeps the thermos sealed so that the hot contents don't spill out at random.  The other was a plain, utilitarian silver and I dropped it or something to cause the lip to bend slightly which results in tea that starts out hot but cools at the normal speed of tea cooling.  I am not one to complain about cold tea during 5th period, I kept that to myself.  I can make do and even though I drooled over this lovely Kate Spade version, I couldn't justify buying a new thermos. The ones I had worked, even with their slight defects - they carried my tea to work and kept it relatively warm.  I never uttered, out loud, how pretty and awesome this thermos is - but my mom knew.  I was grinning from ear to ear when my husband pulled it out of our Christmas care package.  She knows me so well.  Did you get any pleasant surprises this Christmas?


convictus said...

And this I swear to god is why I will never understand women.

love-v said...

Because women like to decorate their hot tea containers? If I'm using it every day, why not have it amuse me? Pretty & practical never hurt.

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