Tuesday, December 20, 2011


*Mittens by Kate Spade, Image via Nordstrom 

If it was actually cold outside where I live you can bet that I would be wearing these mittens daily.  The power of the air quote is too much to resist.  I was seriously considering getting these when I saw them in the store, but there would be almost no chance to wear them seeing as how it's been in the 60s and even almost 70s these past few weeks.  December had one hard frost that killed some of my plants, one day of scraping frost from the windshield and then these warm days. Part of me wishes it was mitten weather.  Is your winter gear whimsical, glamorous, or just plain functional?


Sub-Radar-Mike said...

Those mittens are too cute!

I tried to arrange my winter gear into bright colors... lots of light greens and purples, no dreary colors for me!

TheRaveSite.com said...

It's been cold near me, gloves have been mandatory.

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