Saturday, December 31, 2011


*Image by me, map via The Graphics Fairy

Nothing like a little REM to ring in the New Year, especially for all of those people who really think the apocalypse will visit us on December 21st, the apparent end of the Mayan calendar.  I'm going to eat a delicious dinner surrounded by friends and then ring in the stroke of twelve with a champagne cocktail.  I can't believe I have to be back to work so soon, I also cannot believe that another year has passed.  This makes it seem like it really hasn't been that long since my move across the country, and even closer to my move back home.  As I prepare for that I'm going to try two things this year: to run more often, and to attempt to eat fish (which I really don't care for at all, but which is good for me).  These are not resolutions, just goals.  I want to improve, I want to try to make small changes.  How will your piece of the world change this year?


convictus said...

Probably more diapers, and I'm going to have to baby proof the house.

Milda said...

I am making a few significant goals, and a few that are less so. Continuing graduate school courses and satisfying my creative side by returning to textile design are more significant than better gardening and photo organization. My time is limited, so better get moving!

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