Wednesday, December 14, 2011


*Image by Trev Stair

My mother used to decorate the front of our home with boughs and bows.  I'm not sure where I'd go to find boughs, but I know that I can find bows.  I think that it has been decided.  Now, I just need to get home at a decent hour so that I can think about more than just eating dinner and relaxing before I start the day again.  The temperatures are supposed to dip here and I can't wait because while I dream of Christmas, we turned on the air conditioning in the house last night because it was 73 degrees inside and 70 outside.  Isn't it supposed to be December?

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Milda said...

Just in case you are unable to locate a patch of woods to snip some boughs, Michael's and JoAnn's should have realistic-appearing artificial boughs...ones that can be stored (get that Rubbermaid container while you're at it) and re-used. Check online for discount coupons.

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