Saturday, July 16, 2011


*Image via silentmara

Early in the wee hours of Saturday morning my little family was hanging out at the emergency vet's office. After a night with friends we got home Friday night and were finally getting ready for bed. My husband scooped up the bull (he's heavy - 52 lbs.) and plopped him onto the bed. Odin promptly collapsed and gave us quite a scare. He wouldn't put any weight on his front right foot and we were scared that something was dislocated. Not a fun way to end a Friday night, but I'm happy to report that the x-ray didn't show anything abnormal and this morning when I got home from water polo practice I was greeted at the door by a wiggly dog who is almost totally back to normal after a long day of rest. We think he had a sprain or something, but man - that was a scare. Have you experienced any feelings of relief this week?

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