Friday, July 15, 2011


Today is the day for Potter fans all around, the final film in the series. I'm not watching it at midnight, not tomorrow or this weekend in fact. I can handle waiting until the crowds die down a bit and I can sit comfortably in my favorite local theater with a beer, or butter beer for that matter. Don't spoil it, if you do go - tell me it was awesome, or not and stop there. We're fans in this house, how about you? Potter anyone?


Magixx said...

not really a fan, but I loved to watch all of the movies.
Haven't seen the final movie, but I hope it'll be a BLAST! :)

convictus said...

nope, never watched one. Nor have I cracked any of the books. I broadly classify it in the same derisive terms that I would use for twilight. Bubblegum fantasy novels that I wish wouldn't (and pray won't) be shelved near the sacred tomes that I love. David Eddings and Robert Jordan wrote more compelling wizard related books, and Anne Rice destroy's toilet, err Twilight. Oh and I apologize for the spill over on comments you will start getting from commenting on my blog.

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