Sunday, December 19, 2010


*Image by Matt Pearson

Today we brought home our Christmas tree. At first I felt bad for not having a tree up, let alone any holiday decorations. When we got to the tree lot and only paid $15 for a $40 tree, I didn't mind so much. Having never purchased a tree that I can remember less is more with me. I used to love trudging out into the snow and sawing down a tree from my own back yard (a ten acre back yard, mind you). This year, thanks to my mom, I have a bunch of beautiful straw ornaments to add to the tree. Now, it's time for lights. When did you put up your tree?

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Milda said...

So glad you like the ornaments. They were purchased many years ago and have been hiding amongst all the decorations until I discovered them this year. Found them just in time to include in your Christmas package. Our tree went up effortlessly last Sunday. Can't remember a time that it was all done in ONE day. It looks lovely in the corner of the sun room, where I can see it from the kitchen. The faux pine window treatment in the living room has been replaced with one that has lights as well. Just missing you!

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