Tuesday, December 28, 2010


*Image & cake by Trevor Jorgensen

When searching for a holiday dessert we inadvertently struck gold. This spiced carrot cake was amazing and we had to give half of it away so that we wouldn't cave into temptation and eat the whole thing ourselves (we love Cooks Illustrated). This was moist, tasty and something that we'll be baking again. I'm so spoiled to have a husband who is a talented baker. We have the week off together so I'll be posting intermittently because it's not often that I get all of this vacation time together with my husband. Are you planning anything special to ring in the New Year?

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Milda said...

Ooooh - I think this recipe is in a recent Cooks Illustrated that we received. I've saved ALL the issues, and even had the classic green bean casserole when the web site was being persnickety!

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