Wednesday, December 15, 2010


*Image & coal by MBellveaux

One year my brother got some coal in his stocking with a warning note from Santa. Really, we just crumbled up some charcoal briquettes and made it look like it had ridden on a sleigh. Would you put coal in anyone's stocking? Have you been good this year?


Milda said...

Following a recent post on FB, alerting family, "except Rimas" regarding packages on the way, a friend asked "Was he a bad boy?" I thought about this year. I just came across the coal while decorating and was trying to remember specifically what he had done to irritate me enough to put coal in his stocking.

Even better - my word verification for this post is "caledis" - is that close or what?

Rimas said...

I just remember thinking the rocks in my stocking were really cool, even though I couldn't figure out what was so cool about them. Ya'll will never spoil my Christmas!

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