Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wedding I

*Images by Cheryl Jones

The disk of wedding photos came in the mail yesterday and I am so pleased by the quality and all of the photos we have of our wedding day. I loved going through the photos and seeing how much fun everyone was having and how happy all of our friends and family were throughout the day. We had a wonderful photographer who really captured who we were and the relaxed, fun feeling at our wedding. We were especially lucky to have a beautiful day in Seattle to celebrate. I hope you enjoy this first peek.


Mrs T said...

Wow that last photo is so lovely. You guys are so cute! I adore your hair flower mini veil thing.

I can't believe you have no comments on these!

love-v said...

Thank you so much! My wedding wasn't as famous until my post on Meg's blog, maybe this will lead to more commentary.

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