Thursday, July 23, 2009

Little girls

There are a few new little girls waiting to enter into my life lately. My cousin is due pretty soon and this fall one of my closest friends is going to be a little girl's father. I've always been one to hang with the boys but when I saw this picture it got me a little excited about baby girls. I guess being a teacher makes me a little biased against all children because I see them every day and employ some parenting skills in the classroom. This is not a post announcing that I want a baby of my own any time soon. This is a post announcing that I am excited about baby girls and that I can't wait to meet them. I could even be inspired to make cute little rumba pants and tutus for little girls.

1 comment:

convictus said...

Julie is excited too, there is already a good deal of pink floating about in the house.

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