Saturday, July 18, 2009


*Image by Dave Ward

My self-description on this blog states that I love getting mail and that is correct. Today I had the pleasure to unfold a wonderful letter from an old friend. Now I'm all weepy because I miss my friend. I was lucky enough to find this perfect picture online and it even hails from Bellingham; the stars were aligned. I've been writing letters all week and now I have yet another to add to my list. I might have to re-learn some crafty letter-gami from days of yore. Right now I am just wishing that all of my thank you cards were finished - I guess that means I should encourage my husband to pick up a pen. On my agenda: a nap (woke up super early to chauffeur Trevor to work), clean, grocery shop, sunbathe, airport pick-up. But, the best thing about today was checking the mail.

1 comment:

convictus said...

yeah! I totally went and got a great pad of heavy paper for correspondence. I thought you would enjoy the folding.

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