Thursday, July 9, 2009


*Image by Pockafwye

Today I imagined a relaxing morning at the pool, working on a bit of a tan to hide the fact that I spend my days inside with the AC. Instead, I woke up to ants swarming my kitchen. Not in a singular, amusing way like the picture. In a gross, moving-counter, can't eat breakfast way. Bugs really don't tend to bother me unless they are gigantic or swarming. I would definitely call this a swarm so now my morning has been filled with deep cleaning and sealing up any and all food we have in our cabinets. Maybe there will be pool time later. All I can imagine are those crawling ants all over the place. Sorry if I grossed you out. I did find in my previous blog readings that ants don't like black pepper, it seems to have worked to ward them off for now.

1 comment:

convictus said...

Oh the south and their damn bugs! I hope you cope better than Julie would. That would be grounds for moving back to the northwest for her.

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