Tuesday, March 20, 2012


*Image by photoholic1

This is what the weather in TX looks like right now.  We had a tornado drill at school yesterday just in case, tornado warning last night.  Flash flood warning is still on for the morning and water is pounding down from the sky.  I'm glad I just had a week in the sun, maybe the rain will help the kids focus now that they're back in school.  I hope that school trumps weather this week, especially considering that some of my windows have been expertly sealed with duct tape.  Any storms on your horizon?


convictus said...

no, but i'm starting to think we are going to freeze to death here. 33 yesterday morning, but I hear the east is in a heat wave. My brain cannot handle the east coast getting a milder winter than us.

love-v said...

People will think I'm strange, but I really miss winter. I miss having to wear a warm jacket and needing to bundle up a bit. I miss the opportunity for snow. I'd rather take some cold than flash floods and tornadoes. I even had to discuss a tornado plan with the husband the other day. Not something I thought I'd ever really have to do.

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