Thursday, March 8, 2012


*Image & hat via Anthropologie

Being outside for a vacation deserves a flashy fun accessory.  I'm thinking a fedora would be a nice addition to my summery wardrobe.  I'm not seriously considering this beautiful red number, but it sure is pretty.  My biggest problem is that I have a tiny pin-head.  I tried on a few hats and they were all too big, so internet hat shopping is out for me.  I have to see if there are fedora's for children, because that is seriously the size of my noggin.  What are your hat preferences?


Mrs. Fischer: said...

When we were in Florida this summer, I opted for the big, floppy hat (like this: and loved it. Also loved how so many fabulous things were the norm in Miami; after the ABQ, it was like a fashion time warp!

convictus said...

So I have one Baseball cap, for the purposes of not letting the glowing deathball scorch the bejesus out of my white ass, other than that hats should never be worn. By anyone. This is my fashion message to the world.

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