Thursday, March 15, 2012


*Image by CarolynCochrane

This is what a vacation should be about.  Fine white sand, sea shore, warm sun, relaxation. That is my kind of vacation (not to mention a margarita or a cold beer on the beach to top it off).  Are your spring breaks about a trip to the tropics or are you headed to the mountains to catch your last bit of snow?


Mrs. Fischer: said...

Sounds lovely! Enjoy! We're heading to Phoenix this afternoon to get in some Spring Training games. This is the part of the baseball season where Dan still has faith in the Mariners. I'm looking forward to being in a real city!

convictus said...

as you prepare to travel to a lovely destination, I'm trying not to hate you with the power of 1000 icy canada breezes that are currently freezing this man's tokus.

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