Monday, January 9, 2012


*Image by molassesact

This is pretty much what my desk will look like all week.  Essays to read, tests to grade and grades to enter.  A co-worker of mine lamented that she wished a clone of herself existed so she could grade in half of the time.  If I had a clone I'm not sure I would split the work, I would just continue to procrastinate while I put the clone to work.  This, I am sure, would get me in trouble and there would be an uprising.  I'm just as bad as the kids.  I need to sequester myself at school this week because there are too many temptations to procrastinate at home.  Where do you get your best work done?


Milda said...

Sigh. After hours at work. Sometimes I feel like I live there.

convictus said...

V, you know that I don't "work" so you can call anytime. I just won't answer if I have something to do.

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