Wednesday, November 2, 2011


*Image & calendar by ImpressedDesign

This calendar is simple and perfectly amusing.  Each month features an outfit in a simple line drawing letterpressed in its own color.  If not for me, this calendar is perfect for my favorite clothes horse.  Being the letterpress junkie that I am, finding new printers with tantalizing calendars fills my fall.  Do you hang a calendar or do you rely on your technology to stay organized?


Mrs. Fischer: said...

Old fashion calendar, thank you very much! I found great joy yesterday turning the page to see my new wall art! Amazon monkey at school (taken by a fantastic photographer/college buddy), botanical flora at home for me, retro National Parks poster at home for Dan. I'm not convinced that Outlook can effectively capture our personalities in the same way.

Milda said...

Can't wait for the official KMC calendar to be handed out next month. Which month will be the one from Barbados?

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