Tuesday, November 29, 2011


*Image & print by tastesorangey

I wish that I could have had just one day to sleep in and recover from my vacation.  I started feeling sick Tuesday night, it was just a little scratch in my throat.  By the end of Wednesday night I had completely lost my voice.  Problem was, I had to read a passage in my cousin's wedding on Saturday.  Thursday was completely nuts with 40 extended family members eating together.  Try not to talk, I dare you (ok, maybe it's not as hard for you as it was for me).  Friday was yet another party, this time the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  I was so glad that in the three times the wedding party had to line up, walk down the aisle and go through the ceremony that I only had to read my entire passage once.  I think the pastor heard me and took pity due to the fact that I sounded like a blend of sultry, 2 pack-a-day lounge singer + old man. I channeled my inner Linda Richman.  Fortunately, I regained some voice and the wedding went off without a hitch.  I wasn't going to let a lack of voice get in the way of having fun so Saturday into Sunday we danced the night away.  Now I'm home and I'm ready for another vacation.  Is it Christmas yet?

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