Friday, November 18, 2011


*Image by {RozeMeisje}

Tonight I pack, and I have a feeling that I am going to bring way too many pairs of shoes.  I know that it is much colder in Chicago than in TX, so I'm also working on packing smart with enough layers that I don't become a whiny, chilled, irritating guest.  Dressing up for a wedding and Thanksgiving and girl's night out, plus day to day means I need to make a list because I know that it will just end in a suitcase full of shoes.  I guess I know myself, but I really never thought I would become 'that' girl.  What do you over-pack?

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Milda said...

I haven't made my list yet, only thinking about it. 10-day forecast looks like more rain than snow, hmm...trip, downtown, Thanksgiving, rehearsal dinner, wedding. Glad I got a BIG suitcase!

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