Wednesday, July 28, 2010


*Image by lomokev

On Saturday we're hosting a housewarming party. I have a bunch of stuff to do in the house before then, but seeing as how I've been rattling on and on about cushions I figured I'd change course. (The cushion posts were part of an assignment if you can believe that). We are going to feed many people and the best way to do so in my opinion is to grill. What I am pondering is what exactly we should grill? Should we get fancy or stick to the basics? What I find amusing is that in my past life I was the queen of the grill and now I have to share my throne. Maybe if red meat is only part of the menu I'll be able to get my hands on the tongs too.

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Ryan said...

Ahhh...I miss all the grilling we did on your big patio at your Cap. Hill apt. I say grill some peppers and other veg. they can always go on top of the red meat!

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