Friday, July 9, 2010


*Image via Bolt and all buttoned up

How do you make a paper slut jealous? This is how. I am going to be the coolest kid in my mandatory writing class (ugggg). This craft almost took first place in front of the couch pillows I am making (pictures tomorrow) - it is that cool. I guess if I have to go back to school for three whole lovely* weeks I will be the student with the coolest supplies. Yes, I admit that I purchased a brand new set of Crayola markers as part of my supplies when I was a freshman in college. I know I'm not alone and that there are others who geek out over school supplies. What is your favorite?

*Please note the sarcasm - teachers make possibly the worst students.

1 comment:

Milda said...

Being an art student - new PENS were what really got me drawing!

But you have just turned me onto a new fabric/craft outlet (!!!) - the 2nd since Thursday night. Another reason to wail away the hours on this Macbook...

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