Saturday, April 3, 2010


*Image by ♥siebe ©

Today I get to go buy some tulips to decorate my Easter table. I haven't bought fresh flowers all year so I am excited. However, it is obvious that there are no tulip fields close by San Antonio because the prices are rather high. I guess roses from Mexico and California are easier to come by. I have my heart set on tulips. Funny how something as simple as cut flowers can brighten a room.


Mrs. Fischer: said...

I was looking for daffadils for my Easter table. Who knew that these "classic" signs of spring would be so hard to find elsewhere? Had to settle for tigerlilies and flowers from my backyard.

love-v said...

I was going to buy fresh flowers too - but didn't realize that the grocery stores would be closed on Easter. Another sign that I'm in a different place. I pulled over and picked flowers from the roadside. They were pretty, not tulips though.

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