Tuesday, April 6, 2010


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Today was a whirlwind, not in a good way either. Last night I was finishing up some last minute grading that was due today and couldn't finish in time. Uggg... I eventually got it done, but the pressure was not pretty. To top it off, my students were in test mode all day working their tails off on the state exam. I spent the first half of the day stressed, and the second half partially relieved. When they finally released kids to the last period of the day I knew that my planned lesson would not go over well. Good learning can't happen after six straight hours of testing.
We're learning about poetry so I found a few videos to show the kids of poetry performances. The first two were great. The third was a doozy. Just because something is produced by PBS, does not make it classroom-safe. I broke out in a cold sweat when the poet on the screen swore, shut off the video, tried my best to make it a teachable moment and later told my administrator with my tail between my legs. Ouch. Only Tuesday.

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Milda said...

But are you still sneezing? This too shall pass, and hopefully without any parental commentary.

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