Wednesday, February 29, 2012


*Image & card by happylandings

On this 29th day of February, one last love-centric post.  Now that the days are warmer and the sun is a little stronger I've noticed my pets basking more in the sunbeams as they stream into the house.  That used to be a part of my Sunday morning ritual.  I'd snag the comics from the newspaper and read them while basking in the warm rays of a morning sunbeam.  This image of being loved really struck me.  What are your favorite bits of love imagery?


Mrs. Fischer: said...

I love your Texas post. I think most of the country is still experiencing winter. Here, the weather is alternating between 30 degree mornings and 65 degree sunny afternoons, then 60 mile/hr winds, followed by the news warning about snow. I don't know what you call that season.

My new favorite love imagery is an attentive husband who puts on my socks when I can't reach and stocks the freezer full of dinners, all the while saying things like, "Your job is to rest." I'm one lucky invalid!

Mary said...

Dear Mrs. Fischer: That post warms my soggy, Seattle heart. :)

love-v said...

A husband who puts socks on your feet when you can't reach is great love imagery. I'll add it to my list.

Today I wore a dress & cardigan to school (no tights, of course) and after school on bus duty I wanted to take off my cardigan because it was warm and humid. Currently, it's 79 degrees here. Winter? Snow? What's that?

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