Tuesday, February 21, 2012


*Image & card by VixensEmpire

I've decided to extend my Valentine's day cards for the entire month, a month of love can't hurt anyone right?  I saw this and thought that making a fort would be a pretty awesome Valentine's or any day adventure.  I know that for most of you, building a fort is something that you haven't done in ages (Yes, there is one friend I have who is known to build forts at random, in fact I saw her in a fort just last month).  I would personally go for a tree house, but looking at the sad saplings in my yard, I think it will have to wait.  What would your fort be?  Pillows & blankets?  A secret hideout in the woods?

1 comment:

Mary said...

A floating dock in the middle of lake union. Walls made of driftwood. Complete with water cannon and water ballon bombs with sling shot. Must have an outboard engine for manueverability and pirate flag. I think I can ask my boyfriend to make this for me for seafair... :)

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