Wednesday, October 5, 2011


*Image & print by LuciusArt

Saturday we headed to Fredericksburg to celebrate Oktoberfest in a German-Texan town.  Full of decongestants with a pocket packed with Kleenex, I set out to eat some sausage and to taste some good locally brewed beer.  Surrounded by people in lederhosen, we listened to accordions and tubas play music while we relaxed in the local town park.  I'm glad that we drove out to participate.  I can't resist a good beer sampling event.  Do you have a favorite Oktoberfest brew to recommend?


convictus said...

I think I need to own that poster.

love-v said...

I think I was already planning to send it to you... (sorry to spoil any Christmas surprises)

This post was totally aimed at my core audience.

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