Monday, October 24, 2011


*Image by Let's Explode

Ok, it's October and Halloween is next week (parties this weekend).  What did I do yesterday?  I put on my tank top and shorts over my swim suit and drove over to my friend's pool for a leisurely afternoon of sunbathing.  October?  The fall makes me hate TX a little less, because really it's just summer to me.  Albeit a summer I can stand to enjoy outside.  My mind is still blown that I enjoyed a pool day in my bikini a week away from Halloween. This climate is messing with my head.  Are you in wool socks yet or can you still enjoy a pool day yourself?


convictus said...

I wore shorts all weekend, but I was in the hospital so that feels like cheating. they keep the L&D wings kind of toasty, and our room must have been in the 70's

love-v said...

It's because all of the ladies in L&D are pretty much naked (well the mothers, that is).

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