Monday, October 17, 2011


*Image & card by Lettuce Press

So, two weeks ago I got hit by a sledgehammer cold/virus that made me all congested and miserable.  Somewhere between then and now I was hit with allergies that have kept my sinus pressure at an all time high. I am so tired of being an obligate mouth-breather.  My face hurts and I am over this.  The weather is beautiful now and all I want is to get outside to enjoy it!  I wish I could just go for a run, but you kind of have to breathe to do that.  Hence, the card.  F* it.  I think I'm going to attempt jogging regardless.  Any tips for clearing up seasonal allergies? 

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Mrs. Fischer: said...

Go get accupuncture! It cleared up both my allergies and Dan's in Seattle for an entire season and then some (they've never come back to the awful degree it used to be). BTW I love this card and can think of many uses it could have!

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