Friday, June 10, 2011


*Image & shorts via Anthropologie

Yay! I now have 4 pairs of shorts to chose from. I found these on sale at Anthropologie and they actually fit me, which is not the usual case when it comes to buying pants and shorts. I have two really old pairs from my college days - one is missing two buttons in the button-fly and has seen better days. I know you're thinking, just sew on a button - but don't laugh when I tell you I wear them regardless of missing buttons! These will be a nice replacement and will hopefully last me just as long. Do you get to wear shorts all summer long?


AgnesandAmy said...

Sewing is my business and even I wear stuff that's missing buttons. My favorite trench coat is missing one or two and I haven't gotten around to sewing them back on yet!

Cute shorts! I need to dig my summer clothes out soon--if the weather ever gets decent!

love-v said...

Ha! Now I don't feel so bad, I have buttons, but I guess I'm just a little lazier than I thought.

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