Wednesday, March 24, 2010


*Images by me

When I was looking back through photos of my trip I realized that I had none of my own chop - probably because I was sitting in the chair having my hair cut. I'm bad at posting photos of myself, mainly because I'm either taking photos, or think I look like a dork. The last time I had short hair was about ten years ago. I blogged a whole bunch about bangs, but went short instead. One big change was sufficient for me. My evil twin however, seems to go through phases of cut and grow seasonally. I think the results are fabulous. What about you?


Milda said...

Yay - I figured it out. I was clicking on the little envelope icon and not directly on "comments" - you will now be seeing comments right here on your Love V blog.

love-v said...

Ha! Genius at last!

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