Friday, August 10, 2012

Versus Series

I've been considering a weekly series and came up with the perfect word play.  Versus = vs = my initials.  Could the stars be more aligned? This week, obviously I'm getting ready to head back into the classroom.  Next week is my final week of summer and then it's back to the grind stone.  I have a purple pencil skirt in my wardrobe and I thought that I could dress it up or down.  My normal outfit would be the cardigan all the way.  It is my standard wardrobe element for sure.  The same goes for flats.  I'm on my feet all day, so that usually leaves any type of a heel out of the question.  I think I could pull of a petite wedge, not a heel.  I'm still hunting for the perfect blazer.  How would you wear this outfit?  What would you choose?

Source list:
1. schoolboy blazer
2. striped shirt
3. gumdrop earrings
4. belt
5. cork flats
6. pencil skirt
7. python wedges
8. cardigan

1 comment:

Mrs. Fischer: said...

Oooh, nice look! I even like the purple and orange for an unexpected twist. I feel like we are going to be twinsies this year, just separated by a very large state!

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