Thursday, August 16, 2012

Neon vs. Orange

I'm not quite sure how I feel about neon, but I do have a friend who is willing to push fashionable trends with simple neon accessories.  I think that is as far as a grown woman should go,or at least one who has already seen this trend come and go.  I'm all for day-glo in workout gear, but am unsure if I could do more than a strip about the waist or perhaps an earring, or even more daringly a shoe.  How would you wear this shade?

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Mrs. Fischer: said...

Love that I'm inspiring you sartorially! I finally decided that if I'm going to try a fad (even if it is after the civilized world has already moved on), I should do it with an item that I actually like and will want to wear. So I ended up buying the more expensive JCrew belt, but the one I've been lusting after all summer. I'm excited to push the envelope, but you are so right: neon needs to be applied in moderation! I can't be known as the teacher who wears neon ALL the time! I'm learning how to use Pinterest, and if I can figure it out I'll show you some of my "bright" ideas!

love-v said...

I'm on pintrest too - I'll find you or vise versa and we can follow each other - then I can see your cool pins!

love-v said...

Ok - stupid how the universe works because what I just wrote about happened and I just saw the e-mail. Nuts.

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