Friday, January 7, 2011


*Image & mirror via West Elm

Yesterday when I got home I had the house to myself for several hours. After gazing at the holiday aftermath and mess I decided to clean. It feels good to know that the sink is empty and the dishes are clean. Counters are clear, I dusted and even did some small rearranging. This small cleaning spurt got me thinking more about decorating. It is time to put some final touches in our space. A few more plants and definitely a round mirror. Where do you suggest I look?


Mrs. Fischer: said...

Hmmm, plants. What an intriguing idea. Plants would just die in our house, which is why I appreciate your contributions to the "forest" room.

love-v said...

I got one of those watering bulbs - the glass ball you fill and then stab into the potted plant soil. It actually works and when it is empty all I have to do is fill it. You just need to buy the most low maintenance plants - succulents or cacti (but those cacti need to stay warm in the winter - not great in your house).

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