Tuesday, January 11, 2011


*Image & card by earmark

My kids are not being nice this week. Some of my kids are great all of the time, some are awful all of the time. At the end of the grading period you expect students to suck up to you, not yesterday. What has happened to kids that grades don't matter and success is a choice? I am baffled by this and wish there was some way to create intrinsic rewards where there are none. Any ideas?


Mrs. Fischer: said...

My dad sent me this link today, and it speaks to the way my mom raised us. Perhaps this is the solution. Now how to impliment this...?


love-v said...

I want a Chinese mother for a school principal.
"To get good at anything you have to work, and children on their own never want to work, which is why it is crucial to override their preferences."

Heck yes!

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