Sunday, November 14, 2010

Race Day

*Image by Y.X.L

Today is the day. My first ever 1/2 marathon. I'm excited and I know that I am ready. While you read this I am probably nervously chatting with the other people in my corral (apparently tens of thousands of people run this race). While I am out there on the road I wanted to let several people know that they inspired me and that I will be thinking of them:
Laura got me thinking that I could even do such a distance and inspired me to run further.
Josh and Julie wake up at the crack of dawn to make it to two spinning classes in a row, on weekends even. They will be present in my early morning endorphin surge.
Ryan would have already completed his race if it wasn't for that stupid foot injury, I'll run this for you too.
Sondra completed her first triathlon this summer after an amazing transformation, I'll think of her anytime I'm headed uphill and will keep running.
John was my first ever running buddy and is always uplifting and good for a laugh, when my ipod streams out amusing songs that make me smile it's him.
Mary is a fighter and always pushes through her toughest battles and will remind me to fight.
Lea Anne is a sounding board and the voice of perseverance I'll hear her pushing me toward the end, knowing that I can make it.
Karen has gone 60 miles, more than once, she'd kick my butt if I couldn't make a measly 13.1.
Colleen is my cheerleader she is consistently encouraging me in my efforts and reminding me to have fun, I'll see her in the crowd along the course.
Sandra might actually be out there cheering - a real live fan! I couldn't ask for more.
My Mom has been to almost every race I've competed in over the course of my 30 years. She'll be getting my mile by mile updates and I want to continue to make her proud.
Trevor will be waiting to cheer me through the finish, and has helped me get there over the past five months of training.

Thirteen inspiring people, one for each mile. I can't wait to finish.


Milda said...

I am definitely proud ♡!!!

Ryan said...

Good Luck today and have fun, I will be thinking of you! Just to let you know you running today keeps me inspired on my new road (sans foot injury) to my first 1/2. Maybe in the spring we can run one together!

Julie D said...

What an awesome post! Can't wait to hear how it went! Big hugs from us.

Josh & Julie

Trevor said...

I love you! You are amazing! What a great day! Exclamation!

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