Sunday, November 7, 2010


*Image & bench via Pottery Barn

Now that my husband has finally finished his car stereo project (after working for over 600 hours) he needs something else to keep him busy. He likes the idea of wood working so I suggested he start with an upholstered bench for our bedroom. This seems like a nice easy project to start out with, and I wouldn't mind paying well under the $400 Pottery Barn is charging (not to mention benefiting from my husband's meticulous hard work). I even found a great tutorial so that I could help out and that we could work together. To what lengths are you willing to DIY?


convictus said...

Like this?

I am interested in wood working, but I think to do legs like the one pictured you have to have a lathe. Lathe work is really hard to be consistent with, given the non-precision nature of the work.

love-v said...

That is why we are going with a contoured leg & not a lathe. I would be asking too much otherwise. The bench pictured has the top we like - I found legs from another bench to be more maker-friendly.

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