Saturday, November 20, 2010


*Image & tree via Branch

As the holidays approach I often think of my brother and his view of Christmas trees. His birthday is usually on or just after Thanksgiving and when the holiday decorations come out I remember him urging us all to plant a tree for Christmas instead of cutting one down. I wonder if he would appreciate his own little tree in a sustainable bamboo pot? He should be going home for the holiday, but I think he'd dig that I was inspired by him. Do you cut down a Christmas tree or assemble one from a box?

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convictus said...

I am with him on this one. I hate cutting down a 5 or 6 year old tree so we can look at it for a few weeks and then pitch it. The crazy notion of bringing a dead tree into the house is just beyond my ability to understand. Tradition my left foot, what the hell made this a good idea a century ago, let alone 2 or more ago. I don't know if the source is authoritative or not, but interesting article if its all made up.

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