Sunday, August 30, 2009


All of my friends know that I love to celebrate my birthday. It started with my old maid themed birthday party when I turned 25. I had games, a pinata, cupcakes and a great party. Next came my carnival themed birthday party that was famous for the cotton candy machine I rented. A bit messy, so entertaining. I love throwing a party to get all of my friends together to celebrate. I've held a BBQ in the park complete with outdoor games like croquet and bocce. Last year we put on our party hats and bowling shoes. This year I'm far away from my friends and my mom (we have the same birthday). It's also a pivotal year for us, I'm turning 29. This could be a big deal in itself - teatoring on the cusp of a new decade. It's actually memorable because I'll be the same age my mom was when I was born.

With all of that in front of me, I have no idea how to celebrate. This year the day falls on a Tuesday, which puts going to Disneyland (free entry on your birthday) toward the bottom of my list. I can't think of what to do. The last thing I want is to let the day pass by without something fun. Time to brainstorm.

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