Saturday, July 7, 2012


*Image by me

Last night we explored another San Antonio hidden gem.  We drove out to the Boardwalk on Bulverde where a host of food trucks gather Thursday through Saturday night. The night was perfect and the food was excellent.  We'll go back for sure.  I had the Mimi Melt from Winner Winner Chicken Dinner and didn't think that I could finish this enormous sandwich, but after passing it around my group for bites (they were salivating) I managed to finish the entire thing with no regrets.  Chicken, avocado, spice, bacon and cheese with a tasty slaw on Texas toast made for a lovely dinner.  The sweet, creamy and spicy all married well together and I couldn't put it down.  I've already planned my next dinner because the selections from the Spice Runner truck were so good I don't want to settle for bites next time.  The owner of the truck is from South Africa and makes some delicious, well-balanced flavors and his own complex hot sauces.  Because the food trucks don't have a liquor license, it's either BYOB or a taste of the free beer they offer on site.  Free beer, you ask?  Yep, they can't sell it, but they can give it away.  Have you been swept up by the food truck movement?


Milda said...

Coeur d Alene has a looooooooong way to go. The orange truck is all we can count on right now.

love-v said...

We've got plenty of trucks, and I didn't even write about the cupcake truck we visited for dessert! It was so good!

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