Monday, June 4, 2012


*Image by Tamie Oldridge

A few years ago when I moved into my classroom I found an old globe in the hallway.  It was on the axis upside-down and was so old that it still had the USSR on the map.  I was glad to flip it and put it in my classroom.  For some reason that globe got some good use, showing kids where Shakespeare was from, where the Greek and Roman myths originated.  I was actually considering making it a part of my office decor at home this summer.  When I packed up my car on the last work day on Friday I thought nothing of it and left my books and my glob and grabbed a late lunch with my co-workers.  The Texas heat amplified by my car combined to cause that cool old globe to burst at the seam.  It looked like it had started to melt and that it was deflating like a balloon.  Poor old globe.  At least it had a good home for two years.  Now I'm wondering if I can find another... Where could I get my hands on a cool classroom staple like this? 

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