Tuesday, May 15, 2012


*Image & print via Vintage Jane

After school these days it is all I can do not to run off campus toward home.  I am really feeling the itch of the end of the school year, almost as much as my rowdy kids.  There are two camps students divide into at the end of the year: the mature students you wish you had all year, and the pains in the butt.  Thankfully, most are evolving into the first group and are becoming freshmen before me, I do have a few more pains though.  I can't wait until there is no work for me to take home because the year is over and I can truly frolic into the welcoming arms of summer vacation.  What has you wanting to leave work early these days?

1 comment:

Mrs. Fischer: said...

Amen, sister. 8 more Wake-Up's before freedom.

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