Wednesday, May 16, 2012


*Image by Kartikay Sahay

Today is the Young Author's conference.  I'm excited and nervous to be presenting a lesson to kids from all over the district and to other teachers from all over the district.  It's no secret on my campus that I'm looking to transfer to a high school.  Now my fingers are crossed that someone with some clout might be in my room watching, and maybe they'll see something they like.  I hope.  I'm also excited that three of my students had their work chosen to represent our campus. One boy has been writing all year and his goal is to be published.  They are printing an anthology from the submitted student work pieces, so today that tiny bit of a dream will be one step closer to coming true.  How are you spending your Wednesday?

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Mrs. Fischer: said...

Good for you! This is the time of year when we need reminders that the work we do with kiddos really does make a lasting impact... just most of the time we don't get the privilege to see it sink in. Today you get that chance! Your kids are lucky to have you, whether they want to admit it or not (now I just need to tell myself that...)

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