Thursday, February 24, 2011


*Image & Polaroid by Alicia Bock

Now all I can think of is vacation... The weather is warming up here and the noises of birds and bugs are filling the air. My sweaters are slowly making it back into storage and now I'm shopping online for new sandals to go with the dresses of my imagination. My closet is starting to bore me and my budget is tight. I think it's time for me to host a clothing swap. Have you ever participated, what do you think?

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Mrs. Fischer: said...

One of Dan's classmates puts on a clothing swap every 6 months, and it is awesome. Anything that is left at the end of the day is given away to charity. I have even started to bring some of Dan's give-aways, and it's amazing how many people snatched it up for their beaus. Even if you only take home a few items, there is some gratification in clearing out some closet space for some new clothes. Host one, you'll love it!

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