Saturday, October 16, 2010


*Image & stamp via Paper Source

This is a stamp I would love to have in my classroom drawer. I would love to put this down on so many pieces of student work...just for the reaction. Kids in middle school are at such an awkward stage in life that sometimes they can't help being jerks. They have no idea what a stress it puts on everyone when one adult is surrounded by hundreds of jerky, confused adolescents. How I want to be there on the day they grow up. Hopefully it's sometime this spring. How do you feel about adolescents?


Mrs. Fischer: said...

I used to hesitate when using my "Ouch" stamp, but now I use it daily. I hear kids whisper it as I stamp it on their papers, and then I tell them, "Yeah. Do you feel it? Cause you should." Here's to being the only ones who say it like it is... someone's got to do it!

love-v said...

I love the ouch stamp! I use it on late work - the kids really seem to get that. You're late, ouch! Ha! Love it.

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