Friday, September 3, 2010


Great news for me! I had this awesome little ipod shuffle that was my perfect electronic running buddy. Just clip it on and go. I brought it to Utah so I could listen to some music on the plane and on the return trip it stayed in the seat-back pocket while I exited for home. I was pretty crushed because this ipod had been a gift from my husband, he even had it engraved with his favorite Lithuanian word, blynas (pancake). I figured I would just write off the loss, but put an e-mail into the airline's lost and found just in case. Yesterday someone let me know that they found it. I am so excited. How has your faith in humanity been restored lately?

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Milda said...

On Tuesday I was heading to my step aerobics class and decided to remove my amber earrings, the dangly ones I picked up in Palanga the last time I was there. I put them in my hard eyeglass case, the one Odin left his mark on. There they stayed until Thursday. I was in the elevator going to work. I quickly switched out my sunglasses for my regular glasses, which were in the case with the earrings. Later in the day I came to realize one of the earrings was missing, and after checking the car and my office pinpointed the elevator as a possible loss point. This morning I emailed the "lost and found" person, handily located across the hall from my office. I gave her a description of the earring and told her where I thought I lost it. She emailed me back almost instantaneously -- "I have it!" Made my day!!

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