Friday, September 17, 2010


*Image & print by SweetDee

I have been eating cakes, and desserts for days on end. Do not mistake this as me complaining. I am also having my figurative cake hanging out and taking in all that is home. I'm off to enjoy the rest of my long weekend. I will resume my posting upon my return. So, are you a cake eater?

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Milda said...

Since there was no desert after dinner, I was in in search for that "something sweet" for my birthday the day after. Birthday cakes during the formative years are to blame for this annual craving. Wandering the streets of Boise Thursday evening we came to a restaurant that seemed certain to offer a creative selection, but they were closing. When asked, the waiter referred us to another location just down the street. Here I found the absolute PERFECT combination - Creme Brulee and Pear William cognac. I am beyond satisfied!

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