Thursday, August 26, 2010


*Image via J.Crew

When I got my first J.Crew catalog in the mail at the new house I was excited. I do love getting mail. Then, I saw the abomination above. Who in their right mind thinks that a sequined sweat pant is acceptable, let alone fashionable? It makes me sad to think of small hands attaching sequins one by one to what amount to be glitzy elastic-cuffed lounge pants. It makes me upset that some poor soul thinks that this ensemble might look good on a real person. It makes me angry to think that some sucker out there already paid $650 for this fashion disaster. Shame on you J.Crew. What were they thinking?

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Mrs. Fischer: said...

I thought the same thing! I'm not liking the direction where JCrew is heading, and saying that hurts my heart. Shame on you, Jenna! If you keep flipping through, you'll see a very NOT JCrew guy (scraggly-haired caveman type) dressed up in twill. Dan was excited because he saw this as JCrew's permission to not shave... for like a decade. I have already recycled that issue.

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