Tuesday, May 3, 2011


*Image & card by dodeline design

This card made me laugh because I sent my mom a card in the mail today, but forgot to write anything in it (the card was inside of a package... really I thought of framing it but...). I cannot believe that it is already May! I cannot wait for this month to be over. What are you thinking of this Tuesday?


Milda said...

What else is in that package? AND why it's May and 37 degrees (wind chill of around 20) this morning. UGH.

Milda said...

Your blog fans will be pleased to know I received the package which also included an awesome glass cowboy boot Christmas ornament (!!)- and a lovely pair of earrings, just my style. THANK YOU! I will hang the earrings sooner than the ornament, but now have 3 total from San Antone along with the Texas star, and armadillo :)

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